When Plastic Fantastic Sofa Met Spectacular End

Gosh how I remember our neighbours’ house when my parent managed to move us to a brand new house in the late 1960s.  Dad had struggled to obtain a mortgage and there had been a danger that this lovely new semi-detached beauty was going to be beyond his reach.  Anyhow, the neighbours were a young couple with two children;  the chap worked for a record company, not one of the famous hit makers, but in the factory that pressed out the discs.  They had a modest income but expensive tastes, influenced by wonderful magazine articles.  In furnishing the house with the latest plastic fantastic look they chose a black plastic leather look louge suite.   It lasted 6 months – the settee went up in flames when a cigarette was carelessly extinguished on it!  Oh that poor young wife, looked a berk.  Back came the old fashioned lounge suite they’d started with and stayed with for another 20 years.