Elevate Your Home Decor

Having an elegant and high end looking home can be tricky, especially if budgets are tight.  Here are some top ways to make your home look glam without a hefty price tag.


Check little details like crown molding.  This is a great way to make the room look finished, elegant and neat.  Crown molding brings the ceiling and walls together, adding a stylish touch.  It does not need to be expensive and they can be in different widths.  For a truly elegant look, go for the widest trim you can afford.


Paint colours matter! The colour you choose is one of the more difficult decisions to make when decorating, but for elegance, certain colours will work better than others.  First off, choose from either bold or soft hues.  If you try to mix bold with soft, the result looks a little chaotic and untidy.


Pillows = comfort and style.  Pillows throughout your home not only add extra elegance, but they can also provide comfort.  Choose pillows which are large enough to rest on, and soft to touch.  Large, overstuffed pillows create a plush and elegant appearance and can be added to chairs, sofas or beds.


Treat your windows! A home without window treatments will look unfinished and cheap.  Luckily, window treatments are a really cheap way to add glam to your home.  Stick with natural materials like silk, linen or cotton curtains, or wooden blinds.  You could opt for light and sheer curtains and blinds, or heavier more sumptious varieties.