Family Values Shine Through Intuitively

I always know when I’m in a house that is happy and comfortable – there is just that feeling that either warms you or makes you stand up and the back of your neck feels prickly.  I did have this happen not long ago, it was really odd.  When I was younger I had many aunts because my grandfather was one of 11 surving boys and 1 girl born to our grandmother.  These chaps all grew up, married and produced a variety of children between them.  We used to visit these various aunts and uncles whenever we could.  They all bought houses local to each other, all having similar gardens and either intuitively knew their tastes or were happily guided along the path of comfort and easy access by a higher being although I don’t think Gertrude G was in their social circles!  It was happy visiting for me and I’ve learnt much over the years of how to keep a good productive garden, whatever the weather.