Spruce Up Your Home with Windows

Your home can begin to look a little run down if you do not give it the care and attention it needs. A nice new set of windows can usually do the trick! These Halesowen windows are a great choice when you are looking for top quality and looks in your new double glazed windows for your home.

Conveyancing Costs UK

Moving house is a stressful and expensive time, with fees for many stages of the moving process! The average cost of solicitors for moving can quickly spiral, so it is a good idea to check the costs you are likely to incur before starting.
Bringing The Family Hovel Up To Standard

I have been following the exploits of a family I know with a village house in Cyprus.  As land and property passes down through the female line over there, my pal married into a ready made house and acres of olive groves and vineyards.  Only problem is that his sisters in law own parts of […]

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When Plastic Fantastic Sofa Met Spectacular End

Gosh how I remember our neighbours’ house when my parent managed to move us to a brand new house in the late 1960s.  Dad had struggled to obtain a mortgage and there had been a danger that this lovely new semi-detached beauty was going to be beyond his reach.  Anyhow, the neighbours were a young […]

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Family Values Shine Through Intuitively

I always know when I’m in a house that is happy and comfortable – there is just that feeling that either warms you or makes you stand up and the back of your neck feels prickly.  I did have this happen not long ago, it was really odd.  When I was younger I had many […]

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Browsing Property Sites Brings Inspirational Joy

In this day and age we can now view all kinds of property online and get inspired enough to tackle a serious domestic challenge on the strength of what we have browsed.  We only have to search for a subject or task and there is a million pieces of information about it ready for us […]

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Mortgage Requires Remedial Work Up Front

When I was first in the house buying market, the major thing then was to secure that mortgage.  Nothing could be done until that was received in writing and almost sealed with blood!  This is where you notice that the mortgage company has highlighted areas for remedial work and suggested repairs – often they would […]

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Vintage & Forties Clothing Fayre With Much More

I had the overwhelming joy of viewing a proper antique and vintage wares emporium over the recent holdiay weekend.  It took up the whole of a former coaching inn and there were hundreds of little enclaves and rooms where sellers had a few racks and cabinets with their precious wares for sale.  What I particularly […]

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Conversion Contractors Make Ace Job Of Project

When you stay with friends or relatives, you always feel that you must clear up as you breathe don’t you;  it’s not always as relaxing as a stay over would seem when first suggested.  I had this recently when inivted to stay in a nice reasonably big country house – to look after the owners […]

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Cottage Hospital Out – Starter Homes In

I live in a modern detached exec style home on the outskirts of a once thriving industrial town.  Now that the industry seems to have been diverted overseas, the old factory units have been knocked down as brownsite refills with all kinds of small urban redevelopment projects.   One of the more innovative schemes involved knocking […]

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Perfumed Plant Placed To Perfection

I have a relative with a really nice comfortable family home.  She lives in the home counties, in a very big village  on the outer perimeter of a busy and vitally important county town.  The road network is always frantic around her village.  People use it as a rat run to avoid some inherently busy […]

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Spa Like Bathrooms Are Within Your Reach

The bathroom is an essential room in the home, providing much needed “me time” along with performing an important hygiene role.  Why not make your bathroom a space where you can relax, feel comfortable and enjoy?  Here are some top tips for transforming the smallest room in your home. The flooring of your bathroom need […]

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