Spruce Up Your Home with Windows

Your home can begin to look a little run down if you do not give it the care and attention it needs. A nice new set of windows can usually do the trick! These Halesowen windows are a great choice when you are looking for top quality and looks in your new double glazed windows for your home.

Home Improvements Outside

A great way to add security and value to your home is by installing secure sliding driveway gates at the front of your property. This allows you to easily access your own home by remote control whilst keeping unwanted visitors out. Secure and stylish, sliding gates are a prestige choice.
That Statement Wall Needs Bringing To Fruition

When you decide that it’s time to decorate and refburbish the home, there are so many decisions to be made.  Do you go for an all silk emulsion finish, or perhaps have a statement wall in a modern print.  Or if doing the sitting room, how about doing the wall with the chimney and mantelpiece […]

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Turning Shambolic House into Streamlined Office

I have a large family house, currently all to myself.  It is tempting to think that just selling up and moving to a smaller one would be a breeze.  This is not the case for many people – including me.  There the things you can’t overlook such as sentimentality and a strong sense of being […]

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That Love It Or List It Format

There is one house in a nearby town that has featured on a prominent ‘do up & stay or lose it & move’ property show.  The owners will have applied to the show to get help with either vastly improving their home, having pointed out what they loathe about it etc. or to find a […]

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Birds Feeders Create Busy But Fun Vista

I have recently been able to have a sneaky peek into my neighbour’s newly finished extension.  They’ve taken out the back of the house and enlarged the kitchen, utility and added to where the original pokey dining room used to be.  It’s a fantastic improvement and I am so envious.  The something that really impressed […]

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Autumnal Garden Jaunts For Refreshed Thinking

There’s something about the winter leading up to the christmas holidays and new year period that calls us to ground.  We feel most comfortable when wrapped up in our homes with the heating on and only venture outside when we have to.  Well that’s most folk, in a normal year.  However, this has been anything […]

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Patio Completes Homely Perfection

It can be fascinating watching a younger family member start their home owning life – you’re there to help when birhdays and Christmas come round and then they go off to university or out to work and start renting a flat somewhere.  Always comes the question – how will they cope or how long will […]

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Cheap Bulbs Triumph With Colour & Vibrancy

As I sit contemplating the day ahead – my eye is caught by the waving gladioli that are popping out in great stalks of colour in the border.  I have gradually brought together a colour palette to my immense satisfaction – it’s taken a few years of experimenting.  We start with the bright pink hydrangeas […]

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Market Forces Raising Prices For Home Hobbyists

With most families still being encouraged to stay put at home and not venture out unnecessarily if they can work at home for example.  The shops are gradually opening, this week the non essentials are being allowed to start up again.  However, many families will not want to raise their exposure to any virus dangers.  […]

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Using Garden Resources To Keep Minds Occupied

Sometimes events arrive with speed that takes us all by total surprise.  Take current circumstances – we are mostly quarantined at home.  No one is supposed to work unless they are key workers.  However that leaves millions of people having to fill time and be useful.  The best way to do this is to take […]

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Bringing Serenity Indoors With Florals & Pastel Themes

We’ve been experiencing so many more extrme weather than I ever remember from my younger days.  If we had one really bad or unusual event in a five year period it would go down in history as record breaking.  The bad winters of 1947, 1953, 1963, the heat wave of 1976 are still retold to […]

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