Spruce Up Your Home with Windows

Your home can begin to look a little run down if you do not give it the care and attention it needs. A nice new set of windows can usually do the trick! These Halesowen windows are a great choice when you are looking for top quality and looks in your new double glazed windows for your home.

Home Improvements Outside

A great way to add security and value to your home is by installing secure sliding driveway gates at the front of your property. This allows you to easily access your own home by remote control whilst keeping unwanted visitors out. Secure and stylish, sliding gates are a prestige choice.
Local Garden Centre Morphs Into Homewares Store

I’ve just found out that our favourite little garden centre has now been bought out by a group who own discount home stores.  I’ve not been around here for a coupe of months, having been on my travels again.  It was quite a surprise to be told that the new stock involves home furnishings, decorating […]

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Contrasting Comparing Gardens North & South

There are some wonderful gardening programmes on tv these days.   We’re not just confined to gardener’s world on a Friday night.  I particularly like one from Scotland which is romantically titled Beechgrove – sounds like a large estate;  well it probably would have been once but it is set over many separate acres in a […]

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Bridal Favours & Floral Bouquets In Constant Demand

How I would love to be able to go out into my garden and cut flowers for display indoors – it’s something I was trying to get organised a few years ago but annoyingly, took my eye off the ball.  I now have garden full of shrubs and very little scope for growing swathes of […]

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Home Made Curtains Give Immense Pleasure & Good Wear

We can live with pieces of furniture day in and day out for decades before it suddenly hits us that it’s time to move on, sell that old suite and get moving with the times  Not every wants the large bulky furiture our grandparents happiy plumped for.   They were indeed very fashionable at the […]

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Variably Weather Even In July Doesn’t Dampen Spirits

This time of year is fab.  For a variety of reasons too.  The weather has markedly improved – the torrential rain and incredibly winds have gone until lat summer and the temperatures are soaring.  This in itself is great although the last couple of years, the first week of Wimbledon has been frighteningly hot – […]

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Thank You Rain – Time To Browse For Decor Ideas

This time of year can be very slightly tricky – take the weather for example.  We have been promising ourselves some time out to carry out a real upgrade of our decor and interior design.   We’ve been in our nice comfortable four bedroomed house for several years and it had a professional redorcation throughout a […]

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Middle Age Hand Hewn Timber Houses On Show

I am reminded of a trip I took to a very ultra modern city – in the States.  The very history of the site dictates it cannot be more than 200 years old and so buildings less than that.  I smiled when shown around a particular highlight for my host family.  Their local heritage society […]

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Gabled Ends & Lead Paned Windows – Never Never Land

There are some phases in house design that stand the test of time so much better than others.  I’m thinking here of the humble victorian and edwardian terrace houses – sometimes an absolute eyesore these days.  Even when the various owners have done their best to bring the place to life, its difficult to make […]

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Making A Relaxing Grown Up Den In The Bedroom

We all tend to view rooms differently to perhaps our spouse & family might.  I know someone who spends an amazing amount of her spare time up in her bedroom – she has a recliner armchair, drinks cabinet, small tv and candles for relaxation.  This is all so her other half can sit and watch […]

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Expanding A Cramped Space From Inside to Out

There are so many new choices out there for making our homes appear bigger and more spacious.  One key area is the patio – being able to have bi-fold doors across the back of the house ca make a tremendous difference to quite a lot of homes.  Not all, of course.  In my own case, […]

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