Bringing The Family Hovel Up To Standard

I have been following the exploits of a family I know with a village house in Cyprus.  As land and property passes down through the female line over there, my pal married into a ready made house and acres of olive groves and vineyards.  Only problem is that his sisters in law own parts of each field and the house cannot be sold separately.  Ho hum.  So they have all agreed that the biggest property should be maintained as the main residence and the smaller out houses and various delapadated piles of stone and straw roofing should be pulled into shape and made useful as stoage or additonal bedrooms to the main.  Then they would all be able to share the use of it for holidays.  The outcome has been surprisingly good – spacious and beautifully appointed. The outside area now has a fabulous new swimming pool – not something the family ever imagined!