Patio Completes Homely Perfection

It can be fascinating watching a younger family member start their home owning life – you’re there to help when birhdays and Christmas come round and then they go off to university or out to work and start renting a flat somewhere.  Always comes the question – how will they cope or how long will this last . . It’s a relief when they get through the fist two or three years without having to tap you for a loan!  I have the nice experience of watching this process from a slightly more detached position of god parent, so I’ve not had the onus of being a mortgage guarantor or other terrifying prospect.   I have however watched my godson bought his ‘forever’ home the other year.  He was 30.  But the couple are blissfully happy.  The stone conversion is still much loved and beautifully furnished.  They’ve since added a grand conservatory and this week, a super duper patio has filled the grassy space between the house and the equally impressive vegetable garden.  Absolute perfection.