Autumnal Garden Jaunts For Refreshed Thinking

There’s something about the winter leading up to the christmas holidays and new year period that calls us to ground.  We feel most comfortable when wrapped up in our homes with the heating on and only venture outside when we have to.  Well that’s most folk, in a normal year.  However, this has been anything but a normal year and we have been encouraged to make efforts to get out more – even in the cold dampness of this time of year.  Breathing in those wonderful leaf mould aromas and just the early morning haze over a meadow or field can truly restore our faith in the fullness of nature.  Taking a stroll around the local park or popping out to a heritage property that has proper gardens is a wonderful way to blow away our own personal cobwebs and to get inspiration for our own homes and gardens.  Grat ideas come from solitary walks out in a winter scene.  Crisp crunchy leaves underfoot really do bring back thoughts of childhood delights to be had in autumn and winter!