Middle Age Hand Hewn Timber Houses On Show

I am reminded of a trip I took to a very ultra modern city – in the States.  The very history of the site dictates it cannot be more than 200 years old and so buildings less than that.  I smiled when shown around a particular highlight for my host family.  Their local heritage society had managed to save from destruction, eight properties ranging from 1823 to 1905.  They’d all been destined for demolition & rebuild by something newer and more modern in its day.  Two or three of the properties were very rudimentary – settlers houses made from rough hewn logs etc. I can’t help thinking that over here, they had moved on from those way back in the middle ages – when you think of the fantastic churches, cathedrals, heritage mansions and country houses we have going back centuries.  We certainly have an amazing choice here and really skilled craftsmen to carry out new designs and ideas which is why we have such rich variety in our towns and villages.