Thank You Rain – Time To Browse For Decor Ideas

This time of year can be very slightly tricky – take the weather for example.  We have been promising ourselves some time out to carry out a real upgrade of our decor and interior design.   We’ve been in our nice comfortable four bedroomed house for several years and it had a professional redorcation throughout a few years ago.  It’s still very tidy but there are several areas now showing the signs that a bit more care and attention wouldn’t go amiss.  What I like about being able to browse online sites like this are the ideas you glean for colours, co-ordinating and contrasting.  Back in the 1980s there was a massive move away from textured wall papers and to make every room a fairly bland but easy to live with magnolia shade.  With that we were encouraged to lay down honey or pale brown shaded carpets, and in the wash rooms, kitchens & utilitiy areas, solid wooden or laminate flooring.  Well the online sites today are able to offer a much more colourful theme for the eye to feast and so heck with the rain.  Into browsing mode, here I come!