Gabled Ends & Lead Paned Windows – Never Never Land

There are some phases in house design that stand the test of time so much better than others.  I’m thinking here of the humble victorian and edwardian terrace houses – sometimes an absolute eyesore these days.  Even when the various owners have done their best to bring the place to life, its difficult to make these unprepocessing places look anything other than cheap homes for mass housing.  My favourite style is the 1920s gable fronted small country house.  Maybe on the edge of a town or city, down leafy lanes.  There would always be a lovely porch, brick built, with a curved or pointed roof, the front door would be in exsquisite rich oak.  The windows would all be symetrical, white painted frames glazed with lead pane panels.  The roof is quite steeply pitched, but with immaculate pan tiles, with a pattern across the ridge.  The ends of the house  and any extending parts would of course have the same beautiful gabled roofs.  Me thinks my piggy bank is still short of a million or two!