Making Useable Space Out Of Thin Air

There comes a time in every house’s life when the owner has to look around and decide what stays and what goes!  That much loved carpet upstairs that you had put down the day you moved in – now when exactly was that . . .  20 years ago?!  Then there are the dado rails around the middle of the walls all the way around.  These were put in when there was a phase of adding extras to rooms.  Now of course, we are at the opposite end of this.  Decorators are asked to make the room look much bigger please.  It is only with a profesional eye that such amazing transformations can take place.  They seem to have the knack of looking at the space available and manufacture half as much again – all by the way they distribute furniture, decor and accessories.   Of course, down-sizing offers another space making effect and that can also be achieved with the professional home ageng.