Madcap Self Build Brigade With Huge Following

I sometimes catch a programme that covers truly unique high end house building schemes.  Individual plots.  Where we meet the apparently foolhardy pair of dreamers with their tiny budget and heads full of grandiose ideas . . . . .  the host seems to have all the rights to this format – he’s also the front man for the spin off trades exhibition and show that now covers many acres of one great big exhibition arena.  Spin off is the right term too as there is a fantastic amount of business to be had from publicising these tv programmes and the couples can be assured of much air time should they wish to pursue that after the programme has gone out.  We see some incredible plans – usually adhered to where ever possible.  I don’t have their flair for dramatic design or the mind blowing budgets. But I do love seeing the very modern ones that are palaces of blunt, clean working lines.