Making A Relaxing Grown Up Den In The Bedroom

We all tend to view rooms differently to perhaps our spouse & family might.  I know someone who spends an amazing amount of her spare time up in her bedroom – she has a recliner armchair, drinks cabinet, small tv and candles for relaxation.  This is all so her other half can sit and watch on tv, or play computer games to their hearts content.  The system seems to work admirably and is only unsettled when anyone else stays over and the room is needed just for sleeping.  To get a bedroom decorated and furnished for relaxation & restfulness, it is helpful to look at the light coming in and to use colourways that are enhanced by it.  Jarring bright colours are not relaxing – they may show a bold side to the owner, byut they are not restful on the eye.  A peaceful mind has to be achieved – only so much can be bought off a shelf.