Growing Plants Indoors – The Small Space Garden!

If your home does not have a sizeable garden, fear not! You can still have green fingers, but make the right choice of plants to grow and thrive INSIDE!  Here’s the best plants you can choose which do not require masses of space, light and are essentially perfect for tiny living!

Chinese Money Plants are a nice indoor plant, requiring bright yet indirect sun.  They need to be watered thoroughly, then allowed to dry out in between.  They have unusual looking round leaves, which make a dramatic impression.  You could keep this in a simple looking pot and it would look magnificent!

Weeping Fig is a commonly used houseplant, requiring bright sun (but keep it indirect!).  Water it every few days to keep the soil moist.  This plant is full of leaves, so would also suit a plain pot.

Cacti are the obvious choice when it comes to small indoor plants.  They require very little upkeep, namely just a little water each week during the spring and summer.  A nice way to display these is to buy two or three small cacti and display in a terranium as a pretty centerpiece.