Making Your Small Kitchen Work For You

There is a surprising amount you can do with a tiny kitchen you know!  A well designed kitchen space has minimal clutter and maximum efficiency.  Whether you are just redecorating, or completely remodelling, here are some ideas to help you make the most of your small kitchen.

Use mirrors in the kitchen to make it seem much larger.  Mirrors not only add a shine, but they bounce light around, making it all seem more spacious.  Try adding mirrors to your kitchen cabinets and wonder at the sense of space.  If floor space is an issue in your kitchen, why not work upwards?  Add in ceiling high cabinets, shelving and storage solutions.  Taking away things from the floor can make a room seem larger.

To contain kitchen worktop clutter, use decorative trays to hold all the smaller bits you need day to day.  Baskets and trays add a homely touch at the same time as carrying essential bits and bobs.  If storage is something you want to add more of, try including open shelving in your kitchen.  This is perfect for recipe books, decorative utensils and bowls.