Using Garden Resources To Keep Minds Occupied

Sometimes events arrive with speed that takes us all by total surprise.  Take current circumstances – we are mostly quarantined at home.  No one is supposed to work unless they are key workers.  However that leaves millions of people having to fill time and be useful.  The best way to do this is to take stock of everything about us. Is the home tidy – even with family constantly there – can we move the furniture to more advantageous positions so that more space is afforded to the occupants who find themselves in closer quarters than usual ?  Is there a family member good at organising outdoor garden activities.  Can more bar-b-q-s become the norm so that the house can be kept clearer and with less cooking?  How about a camp out, does the family have a holiday tent and enough space to erect is for a sleepover on the lawn?  Using resources can bring fun and keep house, home, garden and family all working as one.