That Love It Or List It Format

There is one house in a nearby town that has featured on a prominent ‘do up & stay or lose it & move’ property show.  The owners will have applied to the show to get help with either vastly improving their home, having pointed out what they loathe about it etc. or to find a better one in the area.  Whilst vast improvements are being carried out on their house by the team from the show, they are taken to look over 3 alternatives up for sale in the surrounding area.   To make the show more exciting and to introduce a nail biting ‘will they, won’t they’ element, the family apparently move out of the property for the duration of the refurb. and only see the place at the same time we, the viewers do (hmm, I wonder!)    I haven’t watched the show regularly but I can say, hand on heart, that I’ve yet to see any family actually say they want to abandon all the incredible refurbishments carried out for the show and move.  It’s obvious from their reactions that no one ever gets introduced to anything even remotely better than their own place.