Perfumed Plant Placed To Perfection

I have a relative with a really nice comfortable family home.  She lives in the home counties, in a very big village  on the outer perimeter of a busy and vitally important county town.  The road network is always frantic around her village.  People use it as a rat run to avoid some inherently busy routes.  There have been so many changes over the nearly 40 years they’ve lived there and many of the houses have been extended, others have had sun rooms or conservatories banged on the back.  There is still a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the cul de sac where I visit regularly – the peace and solitude seems unbelievable immediately after arriving after a fraught journey!  They have a wonderful garden with deep borders and little enclaves of colour and substance which makes sitting out so wonderful.  The perfumed roses and other shrubs mingle perfectly.