Market Forces Raising Prices For Home Hobbyists

With most families still being encouraged to stay put at home and not venture out unnecessarily if they can work at home for example.  The shops are gradually opening, this week the non essentials are being allowed to start up again.  However, many families will not want to raise their exposure to any virus dangers.  Keeping themselves occupied at home, many folk have taken up new hobbies, such as sewing and knitting.  There have also been many a hubby, finding himself totally grounded and not sure what to do with this spare time, have now renovated parts of their house, decorated bedrooms, rebuilt garden sheds etc.  Getting the materials has been more challenging at times because builders’ merchants have been closed, but many online stores have upped their game and some seem to be able to import and provide absolutely anything required.  Garden products have been a bit scarce with some sellers cashing in on their rarity.  Bit unfair, but that is the effect of market forces in straitened times!