Local Garden Centre Morphs Into Homewares Store

I’ve just found out that our favourite little garden centre has now been bought out by a group who own discount home stores.  I’ve not been around here for a coupe of months, having been on my travels again.  It was quite a surprise to be told that the new stock involves home furnishings, decorating products and a full hardware selection – there were excited rumours about being able to go in and actually buy nails and screws.  It seemed very strange to note that the rather wonderful garden centre was no longer – it had been run down for a while and then a huge mega chain bought it and turned it into one of a thousand identical ones on their list.   Complaints began to be heard – no individuality and no one working there knew anything about gardens.   They’ve now had to sell it on and a discount home chain doesn’t sound exciting enough for me to venture there any time soon – whenever I require goods in the decor, lighting, garden or home fronts, I check with my favourite inside and outdoor specialist site – they have everything and I know I can trust them to get it right.