Home Made Curtains Give Immense Pleasure & Good Wear

We can live with pieces of furniture day in and day out for decades before it suddenly hits us that it’s time to move on, sell that old suite and get moving with the times  Not every wants the large bulky furiture our grandparents happiy plumped for.   They were indeed very fashionable at the start of the last century and they’ve been included in miost family based lineups since.   It’s not just the substantial wear and tear compatible with heavy use that requires looking at in all designs and in any fabric, but also where the items are placed in the home.  Where a large 4 piece sofa once graced the long wall of the dining room, this won’t be ultra handy for the smaller family group unless they have permanent granny in charge perhaps.  Curtains and soft furnishings that are hand crafted will give immense enjoyment over the following few years and each stich can be recountered on a particularly heavy duty collage.