Conversion Contractors Make Ace Job Of Project

When you stay with friends or relatives, you always feel that you must clear up as you breathe don’t you;  it’s not always as relaxing as a stay over would seem when first suggested.  I had this recently when inivted to stay in a nice reasonably big country house – to look after the owners two pet dogs whilst they were away for the weekend.  I made a point of packing only a limited overnight bag.  Even so, I still had two coats, walking boots, going out shoes, overnight towelling robe etc.etc.  When I got to the house, it was beautifully appointed with fluffy white towels in each of the bathrooms and en-suites and the heating was deliciously warm – just what was needed on a really chilly and very damp winter weekend.  The house has been converted from a school some years ago – it’s professionally done and the contractors need to be congratulated on a fabulously airy and well decorated specimen!