Contrasting Comparing Gardens North & South

There are some wonderful gardening programmes on tv these days.   We’re not just confined to gardener’s world on a Friday night.  I particularly like one from Scotland which is romantically titled Beechgrove – sounds like a large estate;  well it probably would have been once but it is set over many separate acres in a special development in North Scotland and has separate gardens for the various activities they cover.  I really like the vegetable side – although I’m not a grower myself.  I enjoy watching them test out various crop bags and raised bed metods to compare best methods – so we don’t have to.  The advice is usually delivered in a friendly knowledgeable way and I feel confident that what I hear will be what I should be doing.  If they can grow the amount they do up there in much more challenging and inhospitable conditions, then we should probably all be able to do that down here.