Bringing The Garden In For Weather-Free Tranquility

I have regular dealings with a young couple who live out in a tiny wee village in the middle of the country.  They’re blissfully happy as it’s a quiet restful place.  There are a couple of kiddies dotted around but no teenagers or young adults making noise, driving past at all hours or any other irritation to their desire for calmness at all times.  I particularly like their back garden – their stone ‘conversion’ dates back to the early 19thC, so not particularly old, but it is very attractive and has a huge bay window in the end of the main sitting room – looking out over the garden and beyond, into the coppice that belongs to the historic hall behind that.  To have the blissfully quiet space when out in that garden is such a help to rest the mind and body.  They’re negotiating having a fantastic sun room / conservatory built to the side of this sitting room – so it takes in the sun of the day and retains the restful views without the mud and rain on the less exciting days of the year.