Bringing Serenity Indoors With Florals & Pastel Themes

We’ve been experiencing so many more extrme weather than I ever remember from my younger days.  If we had one really bad or unusual event in a five year period it would go down in history as record breaking.  The bad winters of 1947, 1953, 1963, the heat wave of 1976 are still retold to us as remarkable for their severity.  We don’t seem to enjoy the normal flow of the seasonal year that we did.  One way to ensure we keep a calm and peaceful attitude to it at home is to decorate and furnish our homes to reflect the better things about our weather.  Bringing the garden inside for example, with light floral curtains, window dressings in pretty pastels will reflect the luciousness of a freshly grown lawn, bulbs popping their buds of growth in bursts of enthusiastic not to mother nature still keeping some order!  Keeping the garden theme in the  home is quite easy at the moment with decorating stores full of pretty colour palettes with toning and matching soft fabrics and lamp shades, table linens etc.  Panic not, it may be rough outside but calmness is instilled over a gorgeously romantic sun room or bedroom.