Bridal Favours & Floral Bouquets In Constant Demand

How I would love to be able to go out into my garden and cut flowers for display indoors – it’s something I was trying to get organised a few years ago but annoyingly, took my eye off the ball.  I now have garden full of shrubs and very little scope for growing swathes of soft perennials.  What brought this sudden resurgence of interest in cut and come again plots was a visit to a flower farm.  I went on an organised evening out with a social group and for £5 each we were able to fill a jam jar with various blooms that were filling a small section of the 80 acres set mostly with Christmas trees.   The flower side of the business is bustling with orders from florists for buckets of flowers for weddings.  The uptake in venue hire for every weekend throughout the year means that floral displays and bridal favours are constantly needed.  I was amazed how much goes into the production of these fabulously colourful blooms – some brides have an exact colour theme programmed in – I can’t imagine ever having to micro manage the garden to quite that degree!