Birds Feeders Create Busy But Fun Vista

I have recently been able to have a sneaky peek into my neighbour’s newly finished extension.  They’ve taken out the back of the house and enlarged the kitchen, utility and added to where the original pokey dining room used to be.  It’s a fantastic improvement and I am so envious.  The something that really impressed me was the addition of the large patio doors that now  look out on to their garden – it is a great improvement on the old position looking over their old veg patch and half built patio.  They’ve decorated te ‘garden’ end of the build with suitable earthy shades and I’m very flattered that they’ve bought soft furnishings in a similar design to those in my very own garden room  – I still have my house in original state with patio doors in an L shaped section of the kitchen.  I sit for more hours than I should watching the birds fighting and pecking around the little cherry tree where I hang the bird feeding apparatus.  It’s divine and very relaxing!